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Oak Valley Lands Trip


Oak Valley Maralinga

The College offers the opportunity for Year 11 students to participate in the annual Oak Valley Maralinga Lands Trip which usually takes place in Term 3.

Oak Valley is a remote aboriginal community which is located in the far western region of South Australia in the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands and borders the Great Victoria Desert.

Oak Valley was established in 1985 as a community for the Anangu people due to being displaced from the Maralinga Lands after the British atomic tests.

The students and staff who participate in this immersion experience have the opportunity to build relationships with the Anangu people of Oak Valley, particularly with the students through their involvement with the school.

The trip also provides the opportunity to learn about their culture and tradition, and also gain a deeper understanding of their connection to land. We do not go there to help, but to be with and learn from the Anangu people.

Education should challenge our perceptions and our view of the world. This experience broadens the students' sense of reality and allows them to develop an appreciation for the Anangu way of life.


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