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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Mary's College, a R-12 all girls school in the Dominican tradition. A tradition that seeks to nurture the individual in a celebration of their dignity and integrity.

I hope our website offers you insight into a strong experience and sense of the unique needs of girls, as well as deep appreciation of the College's history and traditions, achievements and contribution to the education of young women in South Australia.

I was appointed as Principal to St Mary's College in Term 2, 2017.

I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all that this dynamic learning environment has to offer the young women in our care.

Integral to our community is Restorative Justice that underpins all we do and all we are. St Mary's College is a place where relationships come first in the awareness that all else is affected by the quality of how we see ourselves and those we are in community with.

This community of 800 students enjoys small class sizes throughout our Junior, Middle and Senior sub-schools. Each sub-school has its own Director who heads the pastoral leadership of between 150-300 girls. Such a structure again enables the College to establish and maintain close relationships with both student and family.

The College theme for 2017: A Journey of Truth calls us to examine the Dominican tradition of Veritas Truth.

St Dominic's legacy to the Church is an Order that at its best faithfully lives its motto of Veritas (truth). St Dominic realised that the truth was not merely something that we know, but a way of living which saves.

We learn from the accounts of St Dominic's life just how reactive it was; there
was no single pivotal moment of divine inspiration in which the shape of his
life's mission and the Order became clear to him. He was a man continually reacting to changing circumstances, and always with mercy and fidelity.

He was moved to do something different from what the Church of his time was currently doing. People were starving for truth and he was determined that they should hear it and he desired that they be converted through love, not coerced
by force.

It became increasingly clear to St Dominic that the Church required a preaching mission bringing the truth in love- the love that accepts us as we are, and, at the same time, calls us to become what we are made to be.

The theme is symbolised in an annual banner that calls us to reflection and action each year. The 2017 banner image presents a young student lifting the
veil on the landscape of our world to look deeper and more clearly into what lies behind our everyday perspectives.  Truth, VERITAS is about reality seeing into
the heart of things with the eyes of God.

In 2017 our school community's engagement with A Journey of Truth calls us to respond to God's truth to be committed to the truth is, in the first place, to be committed to God.  This calls for a response of our whole being, which makes us humans increasingly liberated and free to serve others.

Ms Clare Nocka
St Mary's College


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