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BYOD Program (Year 7 - 9)

St Mary's College continuously seeks to be a leader in contemporary learning. We aim to empower students to achieve their personal best through a strong engagement with their learning by setting high expectations and providing relevant support. Our 2018 Curriculum Information documentation makes the following statement:

"Our differentiated curriculum aims to reach all learners through a variety of resources, teaching methodologies, uses of technology and through developing a sense of achievement."

The use of digital technology in education generally and the use of personal digital devices specifically should:

  • Support and enable successful independent learning. 

  • Allow students to collaborate with peers and teachers using media rich technologies. 

  • Engage students in a personal and differentiated learning journey. 

  • Provide 'Anywhere, Anytime' learning. 

  • Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving while enabling students to develop their creativity. 


What is a BYOD Program

BYOD is a program where students are able to bring a personal laptop/notebook/tablet to school to use as their primary technological device. The school can provide the ability to connect compatible devices to a filtered Internet service during normal operational hours.


  1. BYOD 2018 FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions presented to parents at the BYOD Parent Evening held in October 2017.

  2. Presentation to Parents (to be read in conjunction with the FAQ).

  3. Most Commonly asked questions from Parents (available after Wednesday 25 October 2017).

  4. 2018 BYOD Agreement Form (must be completed prior to connecting a BYOD device to the College network).

  5. 2018 Short Term Loan Device (for use when BYOD is being repaired)


College Purchasing Portal 

The College Purchasing Portal is now open and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

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