Old Scholar Years at St Mary's College: 1953-1956
  • Loretta Battistella went to St Mary's as a student in 1953, but still remembers some of the great experiences she had.
  • She recalls going to the chapel often, and after mass having to scrape the wax off of the candles using a blunt knife, because the nuns made soap and glue out of it.
  • Loretta and the advice she gives to current students is to always love your school because it is one of the best experiences ever.

Loretta Battistella attended St Mary's College from 1953-1956 completing Years 1-3 in a co-educational environment. Her advice for current students is, "Enjoy every day, it's a great experience, and a beautiful school, so be happy."

Loretta clearly recalls her classroom having four steps with concrete walls and the daily 12:00pm prayer bell.  Her passion was tennis, and with only one court, she'd race to claim it during breaks. Loretta and her friends often laughed when taking wax off candles in the Chapel so that the nuns could make soap. Occasionally her hands were hit with a ruler for talking too much!  

Loretta feels connected to St Mary's. Aside from her schooling, her parents were married in St Patrick's Church, and she celebrated her Baptism and First Communion there. Overall, Loretta loved attending St Mary's. SMC has shaped Loretta to be respectful and independent through the nuns' discipline and has given her lifelong friends.

'Strong Connections'

Written by Giselle Battistella (student)




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